Maitias is a user on the MCCP forums.


For comedic effect Maitias tends to act somewhat narcissistic and continually makes references to Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series. These are among his most well known traits.


  • He calls himself a furry, though the legitimacy of this is questionable. I AM INDEED A FURRY OF A 9TAILS MANNER.
  • He's a fan of the "Sex Offender Shuffle". For a while both he and user Link4562 has avatars based off of this video.
  • Another questionable claim he makes about himself is that he has a "thriving love life", which consists of "7 users on the MCCP forum, and one not on MCCP."
  • Smexyness.
  • Known to be an avid Pastafatarian.

Exploits and LeavingEdit

Maitias was IP banned after the blank accounts and perma'd soon after the Zixty accounts. All is explained here:

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